Don’t Talk (a letter to me)

Don’t talk, talking isn’t worth your time. You shouldn’t have to defend your thoughts if they aren’t going to be defended. You should have to say anything you want when it’s not understood. You don’t need to talk. You tongue Is a gift, says God. Your mouth is like a fountain, says God. Be either […]

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Anger is good

You guys realize anger is ok. It’s not evil. It’s a God given thing. It’s not from Satan. If it was I would give it up right now. What makes anger seem evil is that it can hurt people. God says don’t sin in your anger so don’t. Otherwise it will come across as “evil”. […]

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Washington DC

So I’m in DC right now. My brother got tickets to go to the Rockets vs Washington Wizards game tonight for Christmas. Pretty awesome. Until then we’ve got to go to the Ford Theatre and the Stamp Museum for Mom. She loves stamps. The rest of us want to go to Ford Theatre. Yes, she’s […]

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You’ve got to hug yourself when times are up and down. Don’t be the person that puts pressure and pain towards your self and body after you see something so small and wrong mess up your day. Don’t give in to the pain and the pressure, despite it feels good, or it shows you the […]

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Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve right now and I think that a night spent with Jesus is a good way to start it off. Say hi, tell him what’s on your mind, he respectful. Enjoy him. He’s here for you even if you can’t physically see him. Also. Parents […]

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Old Rag

Just hiked Old Rag. And let me tell you, it was Strenuous. I enjoyed it though. I climbed between rocks and up boulders. Now I’m eating a Reece’s, it’s really good. It’s more like a reward to me than just a candy now. Getting fat feels nice except I’m pretty average. So. I can let […]

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Dreams of an Older Man

You know when you start doing and stop talking things get done. Is this not the dream of an older man looking on his past? Don’t be like a loose tongued man, one who chatted his way through life instead of working, only getting through hearts and minds of those he knows. I say this […]

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Love Hate

So hate is a good thing. Not good as in it feels good, but good when actually using it for a better subsequent future. You hate your job leave. You hate school leave. You hate your life?…leave? No you have to make it better because life is tricky there’s no escape. So what do you […]

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The Best Idea

For me and this blog, I think the best thing going for me is to go through a day and talk about it the next day on this blog to capture the entirety of it. To avoid posting something and then going to a party or movie or something that should have been the highlight […]

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